evolute GmbH visit in vienna…

I was pleased to be invited to visit the offices of Evolute in Vienna in July of 2011 as well as to be invited to make a presentation of work and research at the Geometric Modeling and Industrial Geometry Group at TU Wien. Evolute offers extremely impressive, industrial strength geometry processing, which in many cases is not available anywhere else. Some of their work is based upon the cutting edge mathematical research results of Professor Helmut Pottmann and his groups at TU Vien and KAUST in Saudi Arabia. In addition to consulting efficiencies based upon a previously developed library, Evolute also offers EvoluteTools – a geometry processing plugin for Rhino.

if you would like more information about form rationalization consulting services or to download a free version of EvoluteTools or to purchase a version of EvoluteTools PRO be sure to get in touch with us.

chertok@evolute.at or evolute@universaljointdesign.com | link to buy EvoluteTools PRO

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