statement on precedent

most of our work is copyrighted according to the US and the Berne Convention and while i have been considering making some of this work available via one or more Creative Commons Licenses i have found it helpful to state the originality of our work from time to time. so here goes.

Since 1999 we have been exhibiting our work with mathematical models and singularities as “artifacts of research: on singularities” around the world and including the bi-annual Intersculpt event in France curated by Christian Lavigne. i’d like to thank him for the nice write up in the text below which establishes clearly the originality of our work both in terms of conception and chronology. i also have a nice mention of the work by Stewart Dickson back in 2000 somewhere.

in 2008 we presented the full collection at ACM SIGgraph in Los Angeles. for more on this work please feel free to contact us or view content elsewhere on the blog.

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