evolutetools on youtube

link to evolute videos on youtube

evolute@universaljointdesign.com | link to buy EvoluteTools PRO

note that some of the language about the “base module” in the early introductory videos no longer applies as of ET 2.0. for advanced users i am recommending (in order) tsplines and evolute workflow, coplanarity optimization example A, and then evolutetools v1.2 sneak peek. at that point i recommend the first three videos produced (go earliest to more recent) which cover a ZHA project (these are the three that show the really shapey object) and then it would be a good idea to review the 1 hr webinar followed up by the short webinar follow up. also check out the very brief yas island marina hotel mesh smoothing example. let me know if you have questions or want to make a purchase at that point.

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