deleuze, de landa and der schumacher

if you’re interested in following a contemporary architectural train of thought through to its logical conclusion, check out chapter 12 the treatise on nomadology in deleuze’s a thousand plateaus, move on to de landa’s war in the age of intelligent machines and conclude with patrik schumacher’s writings.

you could start back to front but that would be cheating.

[link to schumacher]

when you get there – essays in particular for schumacher : parametric diagrammes (2010), ┬áThe parametricist epoch (2010), design research within the parametric paradigm (2008), ┬áparameticism as style (2008), style as research programme (2008), engineering elegance (2007), arguing for elegance (2006), spatializing the complexities of contemporary business organization (2005), aadrl (2002), the aa design research lab (2000), business – research – architecture (1999), the dialectic of the pragmatic and the aesthetic (1997).

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