clebsch diagonal surface with lines

our recreation of the famous classical model of the clebsch diagonal surface and its twenty seven lines in a two material rapid prototyping process. we manually added 2mm dia.spheres at two line intersections and 3mm dia. spheres at 3 line intersections (so-called “Eckhardt Points”)

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> clebsch diagonal surface
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we were quite pleased to recently have this mathematical model work featured in joshua batson’s article in wired magazine.

02clebsch diagonal_chertok 04clebsch diagonal_chertok 06clebsch diagonal_chertok 08clebsch diagonal_chertok 10clebsch diagonal_chertok 11clebsch diagonal_chertok 13clebsch diagonal_chertok 15clebsch diagonal_chertok 18clebsch diagonal_chertok

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