austin outdoor living tour…

“This house is amazing to live in. I do Tai Chi on the decks. I like to look at my work with magnets on the iron tortoise. Tonight I watched the moon from the balcony. I’m very happy here. I feel like I am living in the sky sometimes.”

PRESS RELEASE: Universal Joint Design Associates presents the grover residence on this years austin outdoor living tour.

In addition to a spatially expansive interior, we incorporated both North facing and South facing roofdecks of 400 square feet each, 800 square feet of covered outdoor living space (under the 21 foor cantilever on the ground floor) and two huge cantilevered Master Bedroom window spaces.

In front, we incorporated a street-facing covered front porch off the Master Bedroom and a sculptural storage room on the ground floor that the Clients anointed “il Ferro Tartaruga” (the Iron Turtle) and which is outfitted for a future Jacuzzi.

Thus, a super minimalist approach leverages the structural engineering into creating extra-ordinary outdoor spaces, while a compact plan allows the indoor and outdoor spaces to naturally brush up against the other making each really very alive.

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